I will help you see the Why, What and How of your Business.
Entrepreneurs made here, enquire within.

Everyone needs a coach. 

Accelerate your career, your personal life and your income

Don't take this on unless you really want to change, you will change.

Why coaching.

CEOs have coaches, Politicians have Coaches, Entrepreneurs have Coaches, Entertainers have Coaches and Coaches have Coaches, you need a Coach.

From a Stanford University/The Miles Group survey, two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive any external advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all
would be receptive to suggestions from an experienced coach.

Why talk to me?   I am amongst the most experienced of New Zealand’s executive coaches.  

I value trust, work ethics and reliability. I am part of a global network of high net worth entrepreneurs and branded celebrity coaches.

 I am surrounded by smart people who have built some of the largest companies.  With us you will benefit from years of global experience, our expertise

and interest in partnering and developing products and services that will help you to align with your customers interests.
You will become part of a global network with funding, ideas, connections and markets. 

What We Offer


Coaching is all about helping and guiding you to become the best that you can and getting the best you can out of your relationships, your business and your opportunity.


You probabaly know more about your bussiness than anyone, what you might need help with is how to get your business in front of your market.  That's the bit we are good at. 


We help you focus on what's really needed know, not running around solving trivial problems that should be handled by those you employ.  I can help you get those people up to a higher level of responsibility and management ability with very little effort. Give me two days with them and your business will change dramatically.


Where We Deliver

I provide coaching by phone or in-person from my principle base in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, there is nothing like face to face time initially, travel is easy and cheap these days.

Once engaged as your coach you have access to an extensive invaluable network of coaches, entrepreneurs and high net worth globally based CEO's and business executives willing to assist in your development.

Once I understand your needs, what your potential is and how to help and keep you on track, you’ll just need reminding of your goals, your daily routines, the road map to where you need to get to.  This is what coaching is, the extra help to get you where you want to be.

Coaching changes everything


As your coach I help you and your employees, if required, to identify and create clarity around key business goals and establish effective management strategies for you and them.

Coaching is an ideal way to develop yourself and show your employees you value their development, they will stick around longer and give you a better return on investment in any training.

Coaching brings: increased business performance, improved product quality, higher employee retention and morale, greater employee commitment, leadership development, conflict reduction, team building skills and more.

We are experts at helping you see the WHY,

the WHAT and the HOW of your business.

We don't tell you what to do or how to run your business, we help you see the priorities, evaluate and drive the changes that are needed.

It's your knowledge of your company and my specialist coaching skills that will change everything for you.
Remember, you can't see the label on the jar when you are in the jam! 
Let's get you on the outside looking in.